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          Neural Healing Training

Welcome to the home of Neural Healing! If you have - stress issues - pain issues - excess energy - shoulder,back,hip issues - mobilty issues - emotional/physical disorders - depression/anxiety Then Neural Healing is the place for you!

Learn to listen to your body so            you can heal yourself!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help people steer a path through the plethora of training regimes out there by creating the only exercise plan you will ever need to ensure the perfect balanced and controlled body/brain system.

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Vision Station 

Our vision is to teach people, through simple exercise, how to listen to their body so they can then heal themselves holistically!

Neural Healing Training is an Easy Affordable Eight Step Process

Section 1

Learn the process

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Section 1 we introduce you to Neural Healing.  You will learn how to completely relax the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS). This session will include getting acquainted with The Training and how it will benefit your system. The awareness obtained through Section 1 will create a stable environment to carry through into the later sections of the training. This is done in a very relaxed controlled environment through light guided controlled exercise.

Sections 2-5

Start to open up the system

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In Sections 2 - 5 we introduce new exercises into the system. These exercises focus on certain neuronal pathways that run through the human system where a lot of emotional energy can get stuck, this energy can create physical and emotional issues!  Once we have become aware of the SNS involvement in the system processing - we can become more aware of what is happening in the body and how we can set about changing the system for the better. This trains the system to function in a more beneficial and relaxed manner to promote growth for healing in the system.

This serves a dual purpose, as at the same time as we are learning to decrease the excess energy and body/brain system restraints that are maintaining our negative behavioral patterns, we are balancing out the hemispheres of the brain at the same time.

Section 6-8

Building on the knowledge

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Section 6-8 is a continuation of the exercise program but focuses on different neuronal pathways that run through the system. This will continue to open up the system even more leading to a much clearer flow of information and better integrity throughout the entire system.  

After the Training is Done

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After all 8 sections have been learned you can do them in the comfort of your own home or at the gym.

There are also Recall Classes that can be taken at any time to ensure nothing is forgotten over time. You will have Neural Healing Training  for the rest of your life to fall back on when the stress gets too much for you or you need to re-center and balance out your system. Neural Healing Training is something you will have to see you through the tough times! There is no better tool to ensure you have a stress-free, well balanced system.

Corporate Team Building

We come to you

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NHT is also great as a Corporate Team Building Exercise! By lowering stress around the office companies can create a healthier, better working  environment for all employees!


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